The Executive Process


Yes, You Can Have It All.

Inner Competitor Executive gives you the tools to work through inner conflict and get to the root of what will motivate and drive you to the next level all while helping you balance career, sport, and family. Your one-on-one coaching with Jay and his extended team of physical trainers and nutritionists/dieticians delivers the results you’re after because it’s customized to your needs and goals. Inner Competitor Executive offers unparalleled access to your coaches. They will regularly analyze and adjust the Inner Competitor program for your maximum benefit at every step of the way. To provide clients with ultimate personal service, we limit Inner Competitor Executive to just ten participants per year.

The Inner Competitor Executive Process explores your Inner Battle, works to define your next accomplishment and challenge, and refines your commitment to goal-setting values. You’ll know what do to when fear and negativity sets in and learn essential skills to ensure your Inner Competitor prevails. These are skills that not only benefit you, but can also be applied throughout your organization.

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