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Bring Your A-Game To The C-Suite And Beyond.

Inner Competitor Executive is a premier program designed to support the busy lifestyle of clients who navigate one of the most stressful jobs on the planet: “Corporate Executive.”

Having come this far in your career, you are already familiar with your Inner Competitor (whether you know it or not).  But perhaps at this moment you’re struggling to get the results you want in your career or your sport. Well, you’re not alone. Science tells us it’s human nature to anticipate the future and create negative scenarios based on how we interpret the data around us (darn prefrontal lobes!) Inner Competitor’s straightforward process will give you the tools to live more presently, reignite self motivation, improve competition and help you win in the boardroom, at the race, anywhere. And hey, maybe you’ll sleep a little better too.

Inner Competitor Executive is a whole-person approach to executive coaching, blending leadership development and fitness to create a source of competitive advantage. Together with our extended coaching team of world-class physical trainers and nutritionists/dieticians, you will create a fitness plan that will strengthen and sustain your body and mind for the demands of leadership. Leading the team is Founder and Lead Motivator, Jay Markiewicz, who brings the extensive leadership knowledge and experience necessary to drive transformational change in the corporate landscape.