The Athlete Process


Three Ways To Get The Results You’re After.

Inner Competitor gives you the tools to work through inner conflict and get to the root of what will motivate and drive you to the next level. We offer three different processes depending on the level of coaching service you feel you need.


The Basic Process is a task-oriented workshop. It’s for athletes who have an upcoming goal and need the most fundamental tools to be able to achieve that goal. This process explains the Inner Battle between your Inner Competitor and Inner Rival. You’ll know what do to do when fear and negativity sets in and learn essential skills to ensure your Inner Competitor prevails.

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The Intermediate Process is for those who have a few barriers to break through and need help with their long-term goals. The Process dives deeper into your Inner Battle, works to define your next accomplishment and challenge, and refines your commitment to goal-setting values. At this level we also offer coaching sessions, trainings and seminars for your team or group.

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Our Advanced Process delivers the most results because we completely customize the program to fit your needs. Our one-on-one approach means you have more access to Coach Jay and more accountability. This long-term commitment involves a team of coaches that regularly analyze and adjust the Inner Competitor program, as well as your athletic training and nutrition plans for your maximum benefit at every step of the way.

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