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Most Training Programs Won’t Help You Show Up To A 15 Miler. In The Rain. When It’s 30 Degrees Out.

The best athletes in the world know you can’t have your best physical performance without your best mental performance. Overcoming internal barriers to performance is something you have to work at, practice and perfect.

Inner Competitor is an important component of your overall training plan and will enable you to get the results you want. This isn’t wishy-washy stuff. The process is proven and specific yet it’s also easy to understand and apply, whether you’re training for your first triathlon or reaching the highest level of your sport.

The structure of Inner Competitor creates the feeling of competition and intrinsic motivation even when you’re not training or racing. It’s about showing up and prevailing at each and every tough situation. You’ll come to understand the battle between your Inner Competitor and your Inner Rival and gain the strength, energy, and determination when you need it the most.