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There’s An Inner Competitor Inside All Of Us.

Inner Competitor began with an expertise and strategy in helping athletes and executives realize their full potential. What happened almost immediately was a realization that Inner Competitor’s innovative framework could easily be adapted and applied to other groups. Parents wanted it to help their kids excel in sports and self motivate. Executives wanted it for their organizations as part of a larger commitment to wellness. We are struck by how Inner Competitor is creating value for all walks of life, so we are happy to oblige by extending our program to anyone who wants to feel and perform their absolute best.


Athlete - RunnerThe best athletes in the world know you can’t have your best physical performance without your best mental performance. Overcoming internal barriers to performance is something you have to work at, practice and perfect.

Inner Competitor is an important component of your overall training plan and will enable you to get the results you want. This isn’t wishy-washy stuff. The process is proven and specific, yet it’s also easy to understand and…Read More


Executive - Man at head of board room tableInner Competitor Executive is a premier program designed to support the busy lifestyle of clients who navigate one of the most stressful jobs on the planet: “Corporate Executive.”

Having come this far in your career, you are already familiar with your Inner Competitor (whether you know it or not!).  But perhaps at this moment you’re feeling a little stuck — struggling to get the …Read More


Group of teens - Parent Youth Child Coaching - Inner CompetitorMaybe your kid is an all-star on the basketball court. Or maybe your kid struggles to walk from one side of the food court to the other. The Inner Competitor program is unique in that it benefits every child – from gifted athletes who want to reach the next level in their sport to those who haven’t yet found their passion. Its simple process incorporates physical activity to build confidence and gives them the tools to defeat …Read More


BaseballTeam_shutterstock_50409850Imagine every member of your team or organization enjoying what they’re doing even more. Imagine them handling pressure situations more calmly and confidently. Imagine them more self-motivated with a renewed commitment to achieving their goals and living healthier lifestyles. Just as this program helps individuals get the most out of their sport, their career, and their life by…Read More