The Inner Competitor Journey


Meet Your Inner Rival. Then Kick It To The Curb.

The Inner Competitor process brings to life a new competition between the Inner Competitor and the Inner Rival. Your Inner Competitor is the source of your strength and passion. It’s what drives you. Your Inner Rival is that annoying, not-so-little voice inside that says “I can’t.” It’s stopping you from shaving five minutes off your time to qualify for the Boston Marathon…from getting off the couch and getting healthy.

I'm undertrained
I'm doing my best at this time
I can't go any faster
I will crush my old time
I don't have all the answers
Solving problems is what I do
I'm too old for this
I'm near the top of my age group

We start by asking,  “What does your Inner Competitor look like?” In the weeks that follow, you’ll gain the tools to fuel it and defeat your Inner Rival at every turn.

Throughout your journey you will experience many victories as you choose your Inner Competitor, crush your Inner Rival and overcome adversity.  You will notice each small victory turn into a bigger victory, and before you know it, you’ll have accomplished your goal and set another one!

You have the power to choose.

People want to have experiences that are fulfilling, positive, and give them a sense of being alive.  The road to get there is by simply knowing how to choose your Inner Competitor.  When we choose our Inner Competitor we experience the upside of life and feel more joyful. We are able to change the way we interpret data around us, filter out the negativity and remain focused on the present experience. We learn to become the best athletes, bosses, parents we can be.