What is Inner Competitor?


What is Inner Competitor?

Get Ready.

Inner Competitor is an innovative internal training program that enables you to get the most out of your sport, your career, your life and achieve your personal best. Its simple framework incorporating physical activity provides practical tools to help you self motivate and accomplish things you never imagined. While it is designed specifically for athletes and executives, absolutely everyone can benefit.

All of the tools, practices, and insights are built from three rules:

  1. You have an Inner Competitor
  2. You have an Inner Rival
  3. You choose which one wins

Inner Competitor creates an awareness of the internal battle we all have inside of us and teaches you how to overcome the physical and mental barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals. And in awareness is power. After completing Inner Competitor you’ll be able to win the internal battle in any situation – the most difficult stretch of a race, the biggest decision of your career, or even the SATs. You’ll feel more confident and empowered, more positive, more fearless and free than you ever have.  Inner Competitor will stick with you. It will change the way you do active. And beyond that, it will change how you face the world.

What it’s not

While Inner Competitor focuses on internal training, it is not sports psychology.  Our concept and language is approachable, relatable, and practical. Our background and certifications are in athletic training, executive and leadership development.

Inner Competitor is not a physical training plan, however physical activity is a required component of this program. Inner Competitor is the framework that brings completion to your athletic training, nutrition and wellness plans.