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Parker - Coach and Elite Triathlete
My experience with Inner Competitor has helped me develop into a better coach, athlete, and overall person. I feel like the tools and strategies I have gained have given me a secret weapon on race day. These tools have given me more confidence in knowing that I have not only trained my body for competition but also my mind. When I am next to my competitor on the start line, I like knowing that I have taken the time to train my mind in order to give me an advantage over the rest of the field. 
Tom - Athlete
I really used some of the info you shared during your clinic last week. It really helped today. Set a new PR by 1 1/2 minutes. I felt great through mile four today too. The last two is where your training helped me hold on.
Lilo - Athlete
Thank you for your awesome presentation yesterday Jay. You are a very engaging speaker and I like that you paused for us to actually read the slide without reading it first to us so we had to be engaged. Not only did I learn some new things but I also got to put them into practice at today’s run!
Eric - Athlete
Jay, I just want to again say thanks for your lecture last week on the mental side of sport. I can’t tell you how much that helped me today at Smithfield especially after my mental failure at Clermont. I still have a long way to go but I stayed focused and I enjoyed racing hard again!  And I lost my watch in the pool during the swim but I didn’t let it bother me. I just raced on feel and it was great. Adam had a great race today and his mental focus was much improved – thanks to you!
Lori - Athlete
All day at work on Mondays, I dread and stress out about my evening swim practice. So after the mental training presentation last Saturday, I decided I need to change my attitude about it. Today was still rough, but I’m feeling much better about tonight’s 1.75 mile swim. Thanks for the insight.