About Us


We Can Change The Way You Do Active And Experience Life.

Inner Competitor is based in Richmond, Virginia; rooted in the wellness movement; supported with science; and is unlike any training program out there.

The idea of Inner Competitor began in 2008. As Founder and Lead Motivator Jay Markiewicz was coaching and working with executives, he noticed they were struggling to get the results they want because they weren’t aware of their inner process, the significant role it plays in their life, or how to change it. He also noticed the incredible transformation his clients went through as they gained a deeper understanding of how it works. If the journey of discovering this inner process could empower executives, it could also empower athletes, youth, parents, everyone!

In 2012, Inner Competitor was born.

Inner Competitor is a straightforward, innovative program that enables people to get the most out of their sports, their careers, their lives, and to achieve their personal best.

The Inner Competitor framework, process, and tools incorporate the theories and sciences of:

  • Neuroscience
  • Adult Development and Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Athletic Coaching
  • Engineering Modeling
  • Human Dynamics